Joint pain can limit patients’ range of motion, and thus their freedom and their quality of life. SOS Doctors in Motion have applied their expertise to help patients regain their active lifestyle. At SOS, our team of fellowship trained joint replacement surgeons is dedicated to empowering patients to reclaim their body’s natural movement and enjoy a life without pain. Our doctors have the training, technology, and experience to put you in motion again.

Trust our Doctors in Motion,

The SOS Joint Replacement Team

SOS offers the experience of orthopedic physicians with a combined 17 decades of proven, quality care, joined with cutting edge procedures and services. Over the past 6 years, we’ve followed the progress over 7,000 procedures. We are proud to report:

91% of knee replacement patients report improved outcomes scores by 3 months after surgery.

90% of hip replacement patients report they are extremely or mostly satisfied at 6 weeks after surgery.


Do You Have Hip Pain or Knee Pain?

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Watch Barb’s story and learn about her joint replacement journey with SOS.


Joint Replacement Surgery Locations

SOS provides exceptional surgical care at Specialists One-Day Surgery Center and with our partner hospitals:


Our new Specialists’ One-Day Surgery Center on East Taft Road is now open! The Specialists’ One-Day Surgery Center East Taft Road includes 8 operating rooms and 8 extended stay rooms to support the Outpatient Total Joint Replacement Program at SOS.

If an outpatient joint replacement procedure is the best option for you, the Specialists One-Day Surgery Center will provide you the same standard of excellence you have come to expect from our nationally recognized joint replacement team. You’ll receive exceptional care from the moment you arrive: our friendly caring staff and welcoming environment put you at ease as you begin your healing journey. We employ the most advanced technology, and innovative pain management techniques to keep you comfortable. And, because statistics show that patients heal faster and more safely in their own home, we get you home quickly, surrounded by your loved ones. We stay connected throughout the duration of your journey before surgery and while recovering, checking in regularly to ensure that you stay on track in the healing process and are receiving all the care, guidance, and therapy you need.


SOS Joint Replacement Team

Our fellowship-trained surgeons are the most experienced in the region with an unparalleled record of success. We treat you the way you deserve to be treated, with dignity, compassion, and respect.

Stephen Bogosian, MD

On January 10th, 2017 I had replacement hip surgery with Dr. Bogosian. What a great experience. I have my life back. I play basketball and soccer with my 11 year old granddaughter, I walked the Fairgrounds for three days attending the Syracuse Nationals with no pain, I am rebuilding my deck this fall. A BIG thank you to the doctor and the SOS staff. My driver’s license says I am 70 but I feel like I am 50.

Michael Clarke, MD

Dr. Clarke is truly what I believe all physicians should be. He is extremely competent, thoughtful, humorous, and compassionate. He did my right hip replacement in 2010, and my left knee replacement in 2014. He is truly an exceptional doctor and human being.

Brett Greenky, MD

I would recommend Dr Brett Greenky to everyone that need a hip, or knee replacement. Dr Greenky gave me a much better life after being in pain for six years. No one seemed to know what was wrong. They thought it was my back. When I found out it was my hip, I was lucky enough to get Dr Brett Greenky. I cannot say enough about him. Fabulous results have come from my surgery.

Seth Greenky, MD

Dr. Seth Greenky recently did my right total hip replacement. He explained everything I was to experience and never rushed me. I can't say enough about his care and the care from his nurses and administrative staff. They are the total package. I would recommend him to everyone I know who needs hip replacement.

Tim Izant, MD

Not enough words to express my appreciation to this surgeon! I am 79. Fearful of hip replacement. He went above and beyond. Kindness, in every way. I was totally immobile, unable to care for myself. I am now able to walk and care for myself. Absolutely no pain since day 2! Surgery less than one hour to complete the replacement! Compassionate, confidant, excellent surgeon. He called himself a “carpenter”! Love this man. Would not hesitate if needed again!

Kevin Kopko, MD

Dr. Kopko replaced my "really bad" left hip 4 months ago, and the results are truly life changing. He answered any questions with patience and clarity. My recovery went well without the need for pain medication. Dr. Kopko is a very dedicated surgeon, like my grandfather was, and I highly recommend him.

Anthony M. Orio, MD

Dr. Orio is joining SOS in August 2019 and is accepting new patients!


SOS Joint Registry

As part of our mission to deliver exceptional patient care, the Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists’ Joint Registry tracks patient progress and well-being before and after surgery. Flip through the entire 2018 report:


Joint Replacement Testimonials

I don't even know how to begin saying how wonderful Dr. Greenky is. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a knee replaced.. He has done both of mine this year, July 6th, and October 26th. I feel like a new person. He is the easiest doctor to talk to, and even has a great sense of humor. I was so worried about having surgery on my knees, but once I got to St. Joes for the surgery, I couldn't believe how wonderful everyone was and how everything went so good.. Excellent surgeon!!!!!!

Evaluation of my needs was done in a timely manner. Surgery was scheduled and all pre op details were taken care of so as to make my surgery less stressful and very manageable. Dr. Bogosian and his staff were very attentive to every aspect of my care. Surgery was successful and my aftercare went very well. Dr. Bogosian and his staff were available at all times if needed. I would highly recommend him for hip replacement surgery. My recovery has been without complications.

Dr. Bogosian made sure I understood that my efforts at Physical Therapy to regain range of motion in the first two weeks after knee replacement surgery would have a great impact on the future mobility of the new joint. Well, he was completely right! I have better range of motion than many of my peers who have had knee replacement surgery and am able to do the things I enjoyed before. I am very pleased with the results 3 months after surgery.

Dr. Greenky explained exactly what the procedure was going to be and what to expect after my total hip replacement. All information was accurate. My recovery has been wonderful, and the pain way less than I had expected. For the past 5 days I have only used Tylenol for my pain. At 10 days post op I am able to walk/move around my house with the aid of a walker, do some stairs with the aid of a cane. I'm very grateful to Dr. Greenky.

What a wonderful experience with Dr. much as replacing a knee can be 'wonderful'!! Explained everything, answered all my questions in layman's terms. Incision is VERY small as compared to a few acquaintances. HIGHLY recommending him!

I'm a pretty tough critic, but he was exceptional. After 2 years of pain and diminished lifestyle I'm looking forward to getting back to my active life and running again. I can't say thank you enough.